We each wonder about life at different times and in different ways.

We wonder about identity, meaning, and purpose. Most of the world factors some type of Creator or deity into that analysis. Your cultural background and family faith will likely influence how you consider life’s big questions. 

Faith in Jesus and being a Christian is different than every other approach. Christianity is about a relationship with God and not just rule-following. Religion is man’s attempt to get to God. Christianity is about God coming to us! No other faith provides a clear answer as to how we meet God’s standard or what is good enough to get to heaven. Christianity gives us a clear answer as to how we are saved and how much God loves us. 

No other faith rests on the historical evidence as compelling as that which exists for Christianity. No other religious leader was raised from the dead. If Jesus is alive, then he is Lord and God. And we can trust him to be our Lord and our God.

The Bible is more misunderstood and incorrectly quoted than any book in history.

People that have never read or studied it make blanket statements that misrepresent the message. It is truly God’s Word and your road map for life.

No other ancient religious book possesses the kind of evidence which the Bible has. You’re not trusting an old, outdated book when you choose to live by the Bible – you are choosing to align your life with the Creator of the universe and living a life He wants to bless.

Despite having God’s instructions for life, many of us still struggle with big questions.

We are here to talk through those questions and help you see truth while experiencing God’s grace.